Benefits of A Wireless Spy Camera

Best Selling Wireless Spy Camera

Check out this wireless spy camera by Cisco available on Amazon. It is a standalone unit which means, unlike other network cameras this unit does not need to be connected directly to a computer. It serves as its own web server so you can connect it directly to your network and access the video feed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Why You Might Need a Spy Camera

Trust is something that’s hard to give to other people, especially when that person is a complete stranger. However, because people can’t do things on their own, they have to hire help and for businesses to thrive, they have to have a lot of employees. Now, most people will do their jobs because they are getting paid, but it does happen that one or two will stray. They either steal from their employers, deface property, or snoop around your private things. At times like these, you may need to have a wireless spy camera installed.

Choosing a Wireless Spy Camera

With so many spy cameras on the market, why should you go for a wireless one? Well, it’s because it’s more convenient, and easier to hide. Since a lot of wiring is not involved, a wireless spy camera can be hidden inside virtually anything, from a hollow soup can to inside a teddy bear. Most of these cameras come in small sizes so you can place them in spots which have a vantage point while staying hidden from the person you are spying on.

In Place of Security Personnel

Wireless spy cameras make good additional eyes to help with guarding your property or your company’s premises. A security guard can only be in one place at one time, and even if he is monitoring feeds from different cameras, it is still just one set of eyes. Additionally, most companies get robbed and vandalized even when there are security personnel because the guards themselves can be accomplices. If you feel like this is your situation, then having a wireless camera may help you catch them.

Advantages of Hiding Cameras

Most thieves discover that they are being watched through spy cameras either because of camera movement, or because they see the wires and follow the wires back to where the camera is hidden. With wireless spy cameras, this would not be a problem for you. Also because you don’t have to deal with a lot of wires, you can hide the cameras anywhere without it being too obvious. Because the system is wireless, you can watch the footage from anywhere.

Legality of Spy Cameras

Although the use of spy cameras is frowned upon by a lot of people, and in some states evidence coming from a spy camera recording cannot be admitted into court, it is a great way for you to keep tabs on your people and see if they are still loyal to you, or if they’re saying bad things about you behind your back. Confronting someone based on suspicion alone is counterproductive, so you can use a camera instead to gather evidence that someone is after you, stealing from you, or spreading rumors about you. You can then choose an opportune moment to walk in on them so you can catch them in the act yourself.

Popular Night Vision Spy Camera Models

Since more and more people are making their homes and business more secured by using a night vision spy camera and interest in getting these items have gone up as well. However, most people who’ve shown an interest at buying one don’t go through with their purchase because the thought of high technology intimidates them and they don’t know where to start. If you’re thinking of purchasing one as well, here is a list of night vision spy cameras which have received the most lauds from people.

First up is the Sharx Security VIPcella-IR SCNC2607 Wifi Wireless 802.11 Security Network Camera. This night vision spy camera is powered by infrared technology and comes with a 30 frames per second MPEG4 video output. The spy camera has a built-in Wifi to connect to the internet and can be used readily with most web browsers and its videos can be configured to work on most phones like the BlackBerry and iPhone



Next is the Genuine FOSCAM wireless IP network camera. This spy camera can be used for many other purposes beside night vision as it also comes with a 2-way audio monitoring so you not only have video, but can also hear conversations. Its night vision technology allows for a viewing range of 8 meters. It has a pan and tilt control setting so you can adjust the camera freely.


Last is the Defender PHOENIX1 Wireless Video Security System which comes with night vision technology. This surveillance system has a built in microphone to enable audio monitoring and recording. It also has its own hand-held LCD monitor so you can view what your camera sees anytime and anywhere. It is battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about wiring or the electricity going out.

There are more models out in the market, but these three have been tried and tested by a lot of people and have been found to be very useful. Aside from being feature-loaded, these are also user friendly devices, which will be especially helpful to those who don’t have much technological know-how.



Positioning The Night Vision Spy Camera

If placed in a nice position, the camera can give you a wide range of vision, as the possibilities become endless with the zooming feature. Because of the high-res camera, you can zoom in multiple times without sacrificing the quality of the video. You also don’t need to worry about placing the camera outdoors because its casing is made specifically to survive the elements. Most spy cameras come in colors of white and black so they won’t be detected easily. For people who don’t know much about spy camera’s, getting one is easier now because you don’t have to buy it in parts; most companies offer packages which come complete with a night vision spy camera, a router for wireless connections, and all the necessary instructions and connectors. Some packages even offer a different an extra spy camera for daytime spying.




Different Uses of a Wide Angle Security Camera

Just about every small business and private home could benefit from surveillance technology. When the idea of using cameras to provide security for someone’s property first evolved, the gadgets’ use were limited to big industries, corporations and the military or government. However, even now the difference is often noted: while small homes tend to use portable and small security cameras, a wide angle security camera is still most often used only in big businesses and the like.

Military and Government Uses

One of the most popular uses for the wide angle security camera is security and information gathering in the military and various branches of the government. Guarding important people mean that securities cameras should be able to give a wide range of sight not offered by ordinary security cameras. You can almost always see these types of security cameras on large, open fields and paths leading to important government and military offices.

Law Enforcement Applications

This type of security camera is also popular with law enforcement. Nowadays, you can see them on top of traffic lights and busy intersections as a way for police to check for traffic violators and to help radio in the location of someone the police is chasing. The camera used by police is equipped with a video capture feature so they could take pictures of people who are running through red lights and speeding in areas where no patrolmen are around. This technology has also helped police determine who is responsible for road accidents.

Industrial Uses

Industrial buildings, especially those in the manufacturing, chemical and raw materials sector are often required to have wide angle security cameras in their premises. These buildings are considered to be at risk for fires, chemical contamination and explosions. Wide these cameras, supervisors and guards can oversee the work done to make sure nobody is out of line. During times when an accident occurs, these cameras are also helpful in locating the cause of it.

Commercial Uses

Even if it is not mandated by law, other establishments like fast food, malls, and other large businesses make use of wide angle cameras to keep their buildings safe. Most of these buildings have a separate room filled with several monitors, each corresponding to a different camera. These have been proved to be effective against thieves, vandals and gangs who like to harass customers.

For Private Homes

Even homeowners who have a huge estate have turned to wide angle security cameras for their needs. Most of these homeowners include estates with ranches, farmlands, and those who simply have a lot of area to cover.…

Lorex Security Cameras

Today, it seems that practically all criminals know how to gain access into your home or business property. However, if you have Lorex security cameras installed inside and outside your premises, the intruders will have a face and a name. If you know their identity, they will pay for their crimes in a matter of time. Depending on what you prefer, you may have these security cameras visible or hidden from view. If your cameras are in sight, this alone might stop the intruders on their tracks. If your security cameras are concealed from strangers, the videos they captured would be your most valid evidence, if in case there have been an intrusion.

Since the technology is continually changing fast, video surveillance is also getting better and more efficient. If you have ever tried installing security surveillance before, then maybe you remember that the cameras are needed to be wired together and connected to the central console. Of course, you also hired a professional to set the whole thing up. All in all, it can cost you quite a fortune, right?

Nowadays, if you know how to use a screwdriver, then you can mount them all by yourself. As a matter of fact, some of these security cameras have pedestals of their own so you don’t even need a screwdriver. Considering that we are in a world that is so advanced these surveillance units have a range that can reach up to 500 feet or even more.

The Lorex security cameras may be exposed to chemicals, moisture, or other elements if they are installed outdoor. If you intend to use them for industrial reasons, then find the security surveillance cameras that are resistant to a hazardous environment and should be water-proof. On the other hand, the ones that you will use in your home should be able to work well in the dark and even when there’s moisture. The kit of these surveillance cameras usually has one that has a night vision. The funny thing is, the military people can only afford to have this feature back then. Lucky for us, these cameras with night vision are readily available and affordable in the current market.

Each of us has our own reasons why we want to have the Lorex security cameras. That is why these cameras are also designed for different purposes. Some people want others to know that they are being watched and the cameras are in full view. Others want the cameras to be hidden or disguised as they are watching intruders and employees.

When A Wireless Night Vision Camera Is A Good Idea

A wireless night vision camera is easily available to any home owner looking to beef up their home security. Since surveillance technology has advanced to the point where such equipment is affordable and reliable there is no reason why anyone should have to go without at least some kind of security camera for protection. It makes sense to purchase a camera with night vision capability since crime does not stop at night. In fact, we all know that criminals feel more secure about committing offenses under the cover of darkness which is why it is a good idea to have a camera that can capture video in both day and night lighting conditions.

Why Wireless

There are many reasons why a wireless security camera is a good idea. For starters, commercially available products are easy to install. Most models are as close to plug and play as it gets. Simply set up the camera and receiver to communicate with each other and then plug the receiver to a TV, VCR or other recording device. Then it is a matter of mounting the camera in a position that provides optimal view of the area to be monitored. Of course this is all easier said than done. There are some details that must be considered which we covered or will cover in more detail about selecting the type of wireless camera you need and determining where to install the camera.

But the point is that having a wireless security camera allows versatility in where the camera is installed. Basically anywhere within range of the wireless signal are candidate spots for installation and monitoring. Outdoor security cameras might require more specifications to ensure the camera can withstand weather conditions but other than that the only limit is the range of the wireless signal. This means the camera can be installed indoors or outdoors and does not have to be in the same room as the receiver. Also, there are no wires to run around the house so changing the location of the camera is a much simpler task.

Night Vision

Most night vision cameras should be able to record both during the day or well lit conditions as well as during low light to no light conditions. These cameras have built in sensors to detect the light levels and switch to utilize the appropriate technology for whatever the light levels may be. Night vision cameras use infrared light to record images in the dark. Infrared technology detects light waves at frequencies that are not visible to human eyes. Some cameras come with a motion sensor feature so it starts recording only when movement is detected. This is useful when monitoring places that are normally do not receive any traffic.

Of course there is the option of night vision cameras that only record during the night but there are many affordable day and night security cameras that provide good performance quality so most homeowners should opt for something that can be used 24 hours a day. The only consideration at that point is making the most of the camera by installing it in the right places. For small surveillance systems such as a single camera, the wireless night vision camera should be mounted so it can keep watch over the walkways leading into the property.

Frequencies of Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

There must be many reasons why wireless outdoor security cameras are so popular and continue to be. Many people are drawn to the ease of use and installation since most wireless cameras are plug-and-play devices. One big drawback against most cameras is running cables and wires all over the place. Wireless security cameras are the solution to this wiring problem. Since the cameras themselves are small and easy to install or mount just about anywhere, it is great for home owners who might choose to move the camera from time to time before they find out what the most effective position is.

There are some problems, however, that still plague wireless cameras as with most wireless devices. That is the wireless signal that allows communication and transmission of video feed between the camera and the receiver. There are numerous ways to work around any signal problems but it takes planning to avoid money wasting trials.

There are three frequencies that commercially available wireless security cameras will use. The lower frequencies mean a stronger signal especially when it comes to passing through objects and obstacles. A wireless outdoor security camera will usually have to contend with at least some walls since the receiver is usually installed inside the building with the camera on the outside. The ideal set up is a clear line of sight between the transmitter and receiver but we know that is almost never the case. The best way is to first understand your options and figure out what your system is going to look like.

The lowest frequency available is 900MHz. This is best for penetrating concrete and metal walls which can really hinder a wireless signal. Not too many wireless devices use 900MHz frequency so there is little interference plus a strong signal making this a good frequency for small systems. The reason we mention that it is only good for a small system is that at 900MHz, there are only two channels available so a security system on this frequency is limited in size.

Next in line are 2.4GHz wireless security cameras. The higher frequency is very commonly used among wireless devices such as home phones, network routers, wireless printers, keyboard, mice and just about anything else you can think of. For this reason, it can be difficult to install a 2.4GHz camera without running into an interference problem. Even though there are 12 channels available at this frequency, in a densely populated area it is rare that there are not other devices clogging the channels.

A relatively new introduction is the 5.8GHz wireless camera. It offers up to eight channels so you can have a decent sized system. There is a huge problem with weak signal especially when there are objects obstructing the path between receiver and transmitter. Currently, manufacturers are working to improve the quality of their hardware with better antennas and transmitters using 5.8GHz technology.

Understand the wattage of each wireless camera system to get the most range out of your wireless outdoor security cameras. Do not always go for the cheapest camera since the transmitter output might be too weak for the range you require.

Swann Wireless Security Camera

Any Swann wireless security camera from their line of very popular outdoor security cameras would make a great additional to any home security system. For most basic security needs, a Swann wireless security camera is the best entry level wireless security camera that transmits at 2.4GHz and is easy enough for almost any to set up themselves. It offers good video quality with a 1/3 inch CMOS image sensor providing a resolution of 380 TV lines.

At night it switches into a night vision camera that is good for 26 feet or 8 meters of viewing range. The wireless transmission at 2.4GHz offers a range of about 165 feet or 50 meters of unobstructed wireless signal. The camera automatically switches from color to black and white for day/night use and the metal casing protects the camera from weather conditions. There is a microphone included to record audio with the video which most security cameras do not offer.

This product is truly as close to plug-and-play as you will get. Simply mount the camera at its desired location, connect the receiver to a TV or VCR, power everything on and it is ready to go. The entire system was built to be expandable up to four cameras so it is easy to add cameras in the future making it perfect for larger homes or businesses. Individual cameras are sold separately for those who already have a receiver unit and just to add more cameras into their system.

One of the greatest features of this camera is the compact design. It is small making it easily hidden in the corner of under an overhang of the roof at home. A hidden wireless outdoor security camera can be very effective since no one suspects they are being watched allowing you to catch them in the act. Currently the wireless outdoor camera operates on a single 9V battery which is not bad at all.

What makes this product truly versatile is the additional feature of being night vision capable. A night vision security camera can cost a lot of money but with the Swann wireless security camera, infrared LEDs are built in for recording at night. Mounting is a cinch with screws to connect the stand to whatever surface your decide works best.

One aspect to watch carefully for is interference with an existing Wi-Fi connection set up in your home. Most buyers will want a newer model that takes care of such problems since they are readily available now and most homes will have a Wi-Fi network setup sooner rather than later. For example, the Swann’s ADW-300 Digital Wireless Camera & Receiver will not interfere with existing Wi-Fi connections.

Advantages of Network Security Camera Software

There are many advantages to network security cameras for both business and home use that have been thoroughly discussed. What few people bother to mention or give credit is the network security camera software that makes the functionality of the equipment as robust as it is. Using the right combination or equipment and software to run the entire system can significantly improve the usefulness of all applications involved.

The network security camera software allows the owner to have a centralized location where they can perform all the administrative tasks you normally would expect at a traditional surveillance command center with the added benefits and conveniences typical of digital technologies. The command console is only a virtual center meaning it can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This is one of the greatest benefits that common users enjoy with their network cameras.

By creating a command center in the virtual world, the security software eliminates the need for costly single purpose equipment that cluttered a traditional analog system. This greatly reduces the cost to do things such as managing, storing, converting or even editing surveillance video. The editing is often done to enhance pictures and frames to make the intended object more clearly recognizable from the rest of the environment and with the security camera software this can be done on the fly and saved from any computer in the world.

Of course this means the virtual command center is very powerful since it allows you to perform all and more tasks related to surveillance video management. Its function ranges from the aforementioned editing but also manages the video being recorded, allows for live streams and even the monitoring of equipment statuses. This means that from anywhere in the world, you can see whether you equipment has been tampered with or if any of the security cameras in your system are offline or failing to operate properly. It also gives the administrator control to pan the room or zoom the camera lens in and out as long as the equipment has such capability.

Finally, the network security camera software is always improving and therefore is becoming more efficient and offering even greater functionality than ever before. Most software for network security cameras today can handle a very high frame rate and can accommodate an almost endless number of security cameras so you can scale your entire system without incurring additional cost to your command center. This flexibility is a huge advantage that traditional analog systems never would have dreamed of.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Features

A wireless outdoor security camera offers many advantages that just any security camera cannot. It is proven that homes protected by an outdoor security camera are much less likely to be broken into. A wireless outdoor security camera is built tougher than just any camera and the wireless technology allows the owner to install the camera anywhere within range of a wireless signal. With that in mind there are a few major points that must be considered when looking to buy a camera. The exact specification you are looking for depends on what you need. But these three points will help make sure that you have surveyed the area to be monitored and defined your needs which are the first step to shopping for the right camera. Here we are going to assume that you have already determined the conditions under which the camera must perform.

Wireless Range

The specification particular to a wireless camera is the range. What is the distance the camera can be positioned from the transmitter before the signal becomes too weak for the two devices to connect. Ideally there is a clear line of sight between the transmitter and receiver for optimal range. Also, wireless devices use radio frequencies that might interfere with one another so if there is more than one camera in the area be sure the check the frequencies that they operate at to avoid any interference. Map out the mounting locations of every camera not only to get the best picture but also to be sure that the connection between the camera and other security devices are connected.


Since these cameras will be installed outdoors they will be required to meet a standard of durability to stand up against weather and other factors posed by the outdoor conditions. An outdoor security camera in Arizona will require different resistance than a camera in Minnesota. Before buying a camera you need to know whether it will be able to stand up to wind, dust, rain, snow or ice and what the conditions are where the camera will be installed. It is also a good idea to check the terms of the warranty closely. Weather is not the only challenge outdoor cameras will face. Some areas are high risk of vandalism and you might need a special camera housing to withstand physical attacks. Whatever the conditions are, just be sure you have the camera to match.

Night Vision

Usually during the night is when most unwanted activity is likely to occur. For that reason most security is geared toward protecting at night. What is important with a security camera is how well the camera can capture useful video footage in low light conditions. Dark images are useless so you need a camera that has some kind of night vision technology that allows for low light use. Or, if the situation warrants, you could just use additional lighting to the area. This depends on where you are installing the camera and how it is being used. Just avoid buying a camera that absolutely needs bright clear days to capture any useful images when you know you will need the camera for night use.

Everyone looking to buy anything will always take the lower priced product into consideration and that is perfectly fine so long as that is not the only criteria by which you are shopping. The camera has to meet your minimum standards and be able to fulfill its job or it is virtually useless if it cannot record in the dark as you intended or it is damaged by a little rain. Buy a high quality wireless outdoor security camera that is right for the conditions and it will protect your home and property for many years to come.

Using a Dummy Security Camera

The whole point of a dummy security camera is to employ the scare tactic upon unsuspecting otherwise would-be violators of your property or privacy. A fake camera is a great low cost and low maintenance alternative to real security cameras. Most homes do not require nor have the provisions to install and monitor real security cameras. Installing a dummy security camera is a great solution for fake outdoor surveillance to stop burglar and intruders before they enter your home or business. There are multiple lines of defense and how far you go with your security system depends on your needs. An outdoor security camera creates doubt in a burglar’s mind which might be good enough for some situations such as most homes which by default have minimal security.

A dummy security camera can be used as part of a system of real security cameras in larger surveillance networks or it can be used to compliment other home security products. In home security, lighting security is a common strategy since it is effective enough for the needs of most homes. Imagine a burglar about to encroach on your illuminated property that is willing to risk walking through the lighted area but suddenly hears the whirring noise of a motion sensing dummy camera. Of course the burglar doesn’t know it’s a fake and decides it is not worth being caught breaking into a home on video surveillance.

Just as there are many different lighting security strategies, installing a dummy camera has it’s strategies as well. You want the camera to be visible since the camera offers little real protection. The best place to install a dummy camera is as an outdoor security camera. Put it in a well lit area so if they light is not enough to discourage would-be intruders, hopefully the presence of a camera is enough to convince the intruder to reconsider. It is a great compliment to home security solutions so it doesn’t have to get to the point where your alarm is tripped.

Motion sensing cameras are probably the best since they have built in motors that allow the camera to tilt and pan the area. This makes the camera appear very real. It will cost more but it is worth choosing over a plastic looking camera that is too small to be real. Installing the camera outdoor will require a camera housing or casing to protect it just as if it was a real camera. Just install the camera like you would a real one and hopefully that commands enough respect to keep intruders away.