Any Swann wireless security camera from their line of very popular outdoor security cameras would make a great additional to any home security system. For most basic security needs, a Swann wireless security camera is the best entry level wireless security camera that transmits at 2.4GHz and is easy enough for almost any to set up themselves. It offers good video quality with a 1/3 inch CMOS image sensor providing a resolution of 380 TV lines.

At night it switches into a night vision camera that is good for 26 feet or 8 meters of viewing range. The wireless transmission at 2.4GHz offers a range of about 165 feet or 50 meters of unobstructed wireless signal. The camera automatically switches from color to black and white for day/night use and the metal casing protects the camera from weather conditions. There is a microphone included to record audio with the video which most security cameras do not offer.

This product is truly as close to plug-and-play as you will get. Simply mount the camera at its desired location, connect the receiver to a TV or VCR, power everything on and it is ready to go. The entire system was built to be expandable up to four cameras so it is easy to add cameras in the future making it perfect for larger homes or businesses. Individual cameras are sold separately for those who already have a receiver unit and just to add more cameras into their system.

One of the greatest features of this camera is the compact design. It is small making it easily hidden in the corner of under an overhang of the roof at home. A hidden wireless outdoor security camera can be very effective since no one suspects they are being watched allowing you to catch them in the act. Currently the wireless outdoor camera operates on a single 9V battery which is not bad at all.

What makes this product truly versatile is the additional feature of being night vision capable. A night vision security camera can cost a lot of money but with the Swann wireless security camera, infrared LEDs are built in for recording at night. Mounting is a cinch with screws to connect the stand to whatever surface your decide works best.

One aspect to watch carefully for is interference with an existing Wi-Fi connection set up in your home. Most buyers will want a newer model that takes care of such problems since they are readily available now and most homes will have a Wi-Fi network setup sooner rather than later. For example, the Swann’s ADW-300 Digital Wireless Camera & Receiver will not interfere with existing Wi-Fi connections.