Just about every small business and private home could benefit from surveillance technology. When the idea of using cameras to provide security for someone’s property first evolved, the gadgets’ use were limited to big industries, corporations and the military or government. However, even now the difference is often noted: while small homes tend to use portable and small security cameras, a wide angle security camera is still most often used only in big businesses and the like.

Military and Government Uses

One of the most popular uses for the wide angle security camera is security and information gathering in the military and various branches of the government. Guarding important people mean that securities cameras should be able to give a wide range of sight not offered by ordinary security cameras. You can almost always see these types of security cameras on large, open fields and paths leading to important government and military offices.

Law Enforcement Applications

This type of security camera is also popular with law enforcement. Nowadays, you can see them on top of traffic lights and busy intersections as a way for police to check for traffic violators and to help radio in the location of someone the police is chasing. The camera used by police is equipped with a video capture feature so they could take pictures of people who are running through red lights and speeding in areas where no patrolmen are around. This technology has also helped police determine who is responsible for road accidents.

Industrial Uses

Industrial buildings, especially those in the manufacturing, chemical and raw materials sector are often required to have wide angle security cameras in their premises. These buildings are considered to be at risk for fires, chemical contamination and explosions. Wide these cameras, supervisors and guards can oversee the work done to make sure nobody is out of line. During times when an accident occurs, these cameras are also helpful in locating the cause of it.

Commercial Uses

Even if it is not mandated by law, other establishments like fast food, malls, and other large businesses make use of wide angle cameras to keep their buildings safe. Most of these buildings have a separate room filled with several monitors, each corresponding to a different camera. These have been proved to be effective against thieves, vandals and gangs who like to harass customers.

For Private Homes

Even homeowners who have a huge estate have turned to wide angle security cameras for their needs. Most of these homeowners include estates with ranches, farmlands, and those who simply have a lot of area to cover.

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