The whole point of a dummy security camera is to employ the scare tactic upon unsuspecting otherwise would-be violators of your property or privacy. A fake camera is a great low cost and low maintenance alternative to real security cameras. Most homes do not require nor have the provisions to install and monitor real security cameras. Installing a dummy security camera is a great solution for fake outdoor surveillance to stop burglar and intruders before they enter your home or business. There are multiple lines of defense and how far you go with your security system depends on your needs. An outdoor security camera creates doubt in a burglar’s mind which might be good enough for some situations such as most homes which by default have minimal security.

A dummy security camera can be used as part of a system of real security cameras in larger surveillance networks or it can be used to compliment other home security products. In home security, lighting security is a common strategy since it is effective enough for the needs of most homes. Imagine a burglar about to encroach on your illuminated property that is willing to risk walking through the lighted area but suddenly hears the whirring noise of a motion sensing dummy camera. Of course the burglar doesn’t know it’s a fake and decides it is not worth being caught breaking into a home on video surveillance.

Just as there are many different lighting security strategies, installing a dummy camera has it’s strategies as well. You want the camera to be visible since the camera offers little real protection. The best place to install a dummy camera is as an outdoor security camera. Put it in a well lit area so if they light is not enough to discourage would-be intruders, hopefully the presence of a camera is enough to convince the intruder to reconsider. It is a great compliment to home security solutions so it doesn’t have to get to the point where your alarm is tripped.

Motion sensing cameras are probably the best since they have built in motors that allow the camera to tilt and pan the area. This makes the camera appear very real. It will cost more but it is worth choosing over a plastic looking camera that is too small to be real. Installing the camera outdoor will require a camera housing or casing to protect it just as if it was a real camera. Just install the camera like you would a real one and hopefully that commands enough respect to keep intruders away.

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