A wireless outdoor security camera offers many advantages that just any security camera cannot. It is proven that homes protected by an outdoor security camera are much less likely to be broken into. A wireless outdoor security camera is built tougher than just any camera and the wireless technology allows the owner to install the camera anywhere within range of a wireless signal. With that in mind there are a few major points that must be considered when looking to buy a camera. The exact specification you are looking for depends on what you need. But these three points will help make sure that you have surveyed the area to be monitored and defined your needs which are the first step to shopping for the right camera. Here we are going to assume that you have already determined the conditions under which the camera must perform.

Wireless Range

The specification particular to a wireless camera is the range. What is the distance the camera can be positioned from the transmitter before the signal becomes too weak for the two devices to connect. Ideally there is a clear line of sight between the transmitter and receiver for optimal range. Also, wireless devices use radio frequencies that might interfere with one another so if there is more than one camera in the area be sure the check the frequencies that they operate at to avoid any interference. Map out the mounting locations of every camera not only to get the best picture but also to be sure that the connection between the camera and other security devices are connected.


Since these cameras will be installed outdoors they will be required to meet a standard of durability to stand up against weather and other factors posed by the outdoor conditions. An outdoor security camera in Arizona will require different resistance than a camera in Minnesota. Before buying a camera you need to know whether it will be able to stand up to wind, dust, rain, snow or ice and what the conditions are where the camera will be installed. It is also a good idea to check the terms of the warranty closely. Weather is not the only challenge outdoor cameras will face. Some areas are high risk of vandalism and you might need a special camera housing to withstand physical attacks. Whatever the conditions are, just be sure you have the camera to match.

Night Vision

Usually during the night is when most unwanted activity is likely to occur. For that reason most security is geared toward protecting at night. What is important with a security camera is how well the camera can capture useful video footage in low light conditions. Dark images are useless so you need a camera that has some kind of night vision technology that allows for low light use. Or, if the situation warrants, you could just use additional lighting to the area. This depends on where you are installing the camera and how it is being used. Just avoid buying a camera that absolutely needs bright clear days to capture any useful images when you know you will need the camera for night use.

Everyone looking to buy anything will always take the lower priced product into consideration and that is perfectly fine so long as that is not the only criteria by which you are shopping. The camera has to meet your minimum standards and be able to fulfill its job or it is virtually useless if it cannot record in the dark as you intended or it is damaged by a little rain. Buy a high quality wireless outdoor security camera that is right for the conditions and it will protect your home and property for many years to come.

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