Network security camera is basically a camera that is connected to the internet and allows for remote monitoring from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s a popular option for many home uses. It’s similar to the TV commercial of office workers gathered around a cubicle watching a co-worker’s dog through the web cam at home. Until the fat, hairy husband walks into the scene in his underwear for a little comic relief. The only difference is the purpose changes from killing office productivity to a more serious security reason such as catching the baby sitter mistreat your children.

When you buy a network security camera system, it comes with a camera, a recording device to store the video, and the required wires too connect everything. You will need a router and computer to manage communication between the different devices.  In this case, the biggest variability is your video quality. It’s another case of the quality of the system is only as good as the weakest link. Choose your components carefully so you don’t waste a high quality device by connecting it to low quality counterparts. The same rules apply when it comes to picking the right camera. In short, outdoor security cameras will definitely require some level of durability while indoors you need to determine the scope and distance of the object/area you are monitoring.

It’s also possible to turn your regular security camera system into a network camera by installing the appropriate hardware. This depends on your current hardware and setup but typically it boils down to a receiver with an Ethernet capabilities. Talk to a supplier about the system you current own and whether the network receiver will fit into your set up.

On the higher end, there are all-inclusive systems you would purchase to secure your property if it measures in the acres, are a high profile much hated global politician, or a famous musician whose fan base consists of hemophiliac tweens. They come full service with monitoring centers of the supporting security company and usually really nice cameras you see in movies. With pan-zoom features, sectored monitoring, and all that fancy stuff.

In 2007 a luxury suite owner at the Staples Center decided to hire a San Diego based provider of IP-based video security camera systems to install a network video camera outside the suite. Because of the quality of the camera, it brings the money laden fans much closer to the action and even into the huddles of teams. Now that’s creative use of security equipment why didn’t he think of spying on the opposing team. Oh yeah, that’s in the rules somewhere.