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Using outdoor wireless security cameras in your overall video surveillance security system has many of its own benefits that do not come with other types of outdoor security cameras. Sure, all outdoor cameras have to stand up to durability standards in order to survive harsh outdoor climates. We already know that there are all types of cameras as well as security camera housing units that provide the level of protection needed against external factors that threaten the well-being of the camera.  But that protect comes with all cameras designed for outdoor use. What really makes outdoor wireless security cameras to desirable is the convenience it offers by being wireless.

There are three basic things off the top of my head that I can think of which would be reasons to consider going wireless. The first is if this camera is being installed in a new area that does not have the infrastructure in place to connect it to the rest of the system or is a brand new system. And since there isn’t a need to lay down new lines every single time a new camera is to be installed there is a scalability factor which is very economical in both large and small security systems. Finally, since wireless security cameras transfer data over the network wirelessly, the information is already in digital form so it just makes sense to have a digital system as opposed to the traditional analog system. Network security system has many advantages over analog technology which we will go over in a later article.

Let’s imagine installing the very first camera. A small system such as a private home security set up consisting of two or three cameras will need to run a data cable for the camera to transmit the video feed as well as a power line for the camera. Imagine doing this a hundred times for a campus or other place that would require a large security system. Even at home with three cameras it is already a lot of work getting the cables in the right places. Since most homes have wireless routers these days, and it is inexpensive for most people if they didn’t have one, a wireless camera can be installed anywhere on the property so long as there is a signal from the router. In the case of most homes, this is not too much of an issue or a signal booster can be used. The video feeds right into the computer or dedicated recording device which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This means you can be at work or on vacation and if the camera is installed indoors you can keep an eye on the help or the nanny. Installing additional cameras in the future is very easy since all you need to worry about is the power source. If the area, such as the inside of a home with a wireless system already established, you can set up the camera anywhere with running new lines all over the house and avoid having to get into the walls to run cables. Outdoor wireless security cameras are designed to be used outdoors but the infrastructure that supports the camera will allow you to install indoor cameras as well as outdoor cameras as long as there is a wireless signal. For large systems, multiple transmit points will greatly expand the range of coverage to wherever surveillance monitoring is needed.

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