What is an Infrared Security Camera?

An infrared security camera offers the benefits of a traditional security camera with the additional advantage of infrared technology. Anyone who is considering the purchase of an outdoor security camera should definitely look into an infrared security camera. Outdoor cameras are built durable to withstand weather extremes and in many outdoor situations, the lighting levels cannot be controlled. Night time surveillance is impossible with a regular camera that cannot record during low light or no light conditions which is where the addition of infrared technology comes in extremely handy. This differs from cameras can function under low light conditions because infrared technology allows the camera to record in complete darkness.

The two primary factors should be user friendliness and functionality. It needs to be easy for a regular user to install especially for home owners looking to protect their property and family. The functionality is a whole other aspect that could get a little particular. The infrared security camera needs to hold up to the standards that will be required wherever it is to be installed. Indoor cameras do not have to stand up to as strict durability standards as outdoor security cameras.

Outdoor Security Cameras

A very common design is the bullet style camera for outdoor surveillance and is often mounted along the outside wall of a building. These cameras are capable of monitoring wide areas of space such as a parking lot and come with special casing or housing to protect the camera against different weather conditions. Infrared cameras allow the area to be monitored at night for any activity that might occur.

Infrared Camera Sensors

Infrared technology uses thermal imaging which reads the light wave emitted by any type of heat. Since these light waves are emitted during night or day, the camera can capture infrared images regardless of the light conditions. However, most people would prefer regular video surveillance and rely on infrared only when necessary. That is why most infrared cameras will come with dual functionality. That way it can record like a typical camera during the day and switch to infrared when it gets dark enough to set off the light sensor in the camera.

Buying and Installing

To buy the right camera you need to know what conditions the camera will be installed in. As with any outdoor security camera you want to make sure the camera is able to withstand the weather conditions. Otherwise an additional housing unit can be purchased to put the camera inside for protection. Make sure you plan the installation carefully to protect the wires from being exposed. Exposed wires can be tampered with if not protected and that will seriously compromise the effectiveness of your entire security system.

On advantage with an infrared security camera is that criminal will usually not know they are being watched in the dark so they don’t even think to disable the camera.

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