Dummy Security Cameras In Home Security


A dummy security camera is simply a something that imitates a real security camera but does not actually record or do anything a real camera would do. It is installed to look like a real camera with the intent of fooling would-be criminals away from vandalizing, stealing or engaging in some other destructive activity. A dummy security camera is used where a real camera would be too expensive or not necessary for the level of protection required. In home security, fake cameras are very useful since they are better than nothing and most homes do not require a functioning camera. Many homes do not even have lighting security so a fake camera with some lights will deter most burglars.

Making the most of a dummy security camera depends on how it is installed. There are some rules that the fake camera must be installed to abide by. For starters, the security camera should be only a complement to a real home security system. Second, the camera must appear real or it serves almost a detrimental purpose. Finally, for the camera to be effective it must be clearly visible since it uses the scare tactic more than anything. No criminal will stop for security devices they didn’t even know were there.

There is always more than one component to a full home security system. There are preventive systems such as motion activated lights which help keep petty crimes away from your property. Then there are reactive such as alarms and retroactive such as surveillance cameras to identify the offender. A security camera is retroactive and allows the criminals to be identified and it is up to the authorities to track down the offenders. However, a fake camera doesn’t offer this protection and really does little to protect you. Just as lighting security might discourage burglars but aren’t guaranteed to stop them, fake outdoor security cameras work the same way. A would-be burglar walking across your yard might spot the outdoor security camera and turn around. But you still need the rest of the security system such as alarms and such to protect your home in case the burglar decides not to turn around or does not see the cameras.

Since the strategy of using a fake camera relies on the scare tactic the camera has to look convincing enough to a criminal. Cheap cameras will not look as authentic and any less than authentic is pretty much worthless to your security system. A good quality dummy security camera should not have cheap plastic lens and thin cables that do not look real. Invest the extra couple of dollars in a fake camera that looks real. Try going for a camera that has motion sensors and can perform pan-tilt motions. For outdoor security cameras, treat it like a real camera and invest in a security camera housing casing.

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